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Gold Watch

There is something strangely rewarding about photographing a beautiful watch, it’s the combination of different finishes all in one neat package.   All the distinguishing features, be it a leather strap with a matte or glossy finish, lighting it just so, it needs to be more than is it polished?  Lighting needs to be flattering not flat!

Standards or Obsession?

With watch photography it is important that the strap stands off from the background without disappearing or looking washed out with light. Correctly lighting a brushed steel bracelet with a smooth polished detail inbetween links can be tricky; showing such features without burning out or worse making too dark should be easily achieved by a professional photographer. I find the most particular attention should paid to the face, crisp and clear, showing the finish of the dial is essential.  The almost spinning disc finish shows an example of my obsession for detail and lighting with our watch photography.

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Sparkle Photography has been established since 2005. Our team of professional photographers, video editors and image retouchers have the experience to make your products look their absolute best.

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