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Are charms and beads still popular? Sure they are.

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Are charms and beads still popular? Course they are.

Charms hanging from bead braceletEnduring charms and beads

The lasting popularity of charms and beads is still going strong,  the small jewellery continues to be sought after.   It’s not surprising really that a simple little trinket  to remember a special time or the easy gift for those struggling to find the right present for a loved one should be so favoured.  The endless options make these items so marketable and why we still frequently shoot new charm designs and bracelets to hold them.

How do we do it?

Recently a client was telling us how their previous jewellery photographers found it difficult to position the loose structure and sometimes weighty items of charms and charm bracelets.  I thought I would give you a peek of one of our shots that manages to display the all the elements of interest and allows the product to hang naturally.  It can be done here at Sparkle Photography.  Years working in the jewellery photography studio gives us the know how to fashion these tricky fellows but am I sharing? Of course.  Well, the best advice I can give to achieve this is  pure and simple, buckets of patience, a little bit of super glue and a very steady hand!

The trick with this group of different beads and charms is being able to correctly light the pearls and soft rose quartz without burning them out.  The highly reflective  surface of silver and the light absorbing qualities of amethyst make this a tricky shot not to mention the gravity defying placement.

Getting enough light into the faceted amethyst beads holds a challenge but it easy with the correct equipment.  The gemstone beads need to flare gently, not reflect with a harsh light. so softly softly with the light.  Also, very important but often overlooked is to make sure the charms can be seen clearly. It may seem so obvious to most but you would be surprised at the amount of  charm bracelets on line that have the feature charms in an uncomfortable position.  I like to think the charms we shoot look very comfortable and well presented;-)

Additional Sparkle

I do feel that I need to add a little line or two about the photoshopped starburst, this has been added by request.  Star bursts seem to be popular but my personal preference would be to allow the jewellery to sparkle with it’s own radiant glory.

Beautiful jewellery from Chrysalis, image created for our dear friends Jdwilliams.



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