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Lifestyle Photography for your jewellery

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vintage style jewellery photography

vintage style jewellery photography

Commissioning lifestyle jewellery photography & taking the plunge

Today I’d like to look at lifestyle photography for jewellery.  Hopefully it will help some of you jewellery designers out there who are thinking of taking the daunting step of commissioning professional images.   Much of the work we do here is often for the larger companies, they require a high volume of work to be turned around fast.  Like us, our clients have an eye for detail and quality so we have to make sure we provide the best imagery, so it’s always nice to to work with a more open brief, allowing some creative juices to flow, guidelines are agreed: be it crop, style, ambiance or even just colour and tone…. and off we go.  Creating beautiful photography is more than my job, it’s my passion.

Why lifestyle photography?

Down to the nitty gritty. A lifestyle shot not only offers the customer a connection to the jewellery by means of  an insight into the type of person that would wear such an item.  Lifestyle photography offers the retailer or designer the option of a bulk shoot, always more interesting to the customer.  Costume jewellery  is well suited to lifestyle photography as the samples require only a small amount of retouch compared to fine jewellery.   The soft focus on some of the products acts as as lure to invite the customer to have closer look at that product and opens up further opportunity to browse similar items via links, depending on your website design.  By combining a number of samples within a shot, without suffocating the products can be a great way to maximise sale space.  The key to good lifestyle jewellery photography is as always, composition and lighting.   The lifestyle shot when put in the safe hands of a carefully chosen photographer and stylist will give you the edge over your fellow designers competing in this vast ocean of jewellery design.

Jewellery from CavendishFrench  image for JDWilliams


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