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Christmas Jewellery Photography in Spring.

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jewellery photography showing solitaire diamond ring positioned into a snow scene.

jewellery photography of solitaire diamond ring.

Christmas jewellery photography in Spring

Those of us in the Jewellery business know only too well how the schedules for selecting and shooting are way out of sync with the natural seasonal cycles.  Spring jewellery brochures are shot in October and our Winter gems are captured when the green buds are just bursting into life. This contrast with the ebb and flow of  normal life (whatever that might be) keeps us busy all year round.  Here we are once again in December, 2013 is flying by so quickly after such a year bustling with watch and jewellery photography and as a result an abandoned blog.

Test Photography

In our not so manic spells we fuel our creative sparks by experimenting with new ideas and approaches to lighting techniques, backgrounds and textures. The image above was created with a great deal of patience and Luke’s sore fingers, from  origami penguin, our designer who hand cut each tree, branch and leaf from card. Much fun was had sooting this landscape, snow everywhere, not ideal for the dust free environment we try to keep here in the jewellery studio, but worth it.  The feel from the frozen river adds to the landscape with a mirrored reflection of snow to generate a true chill to the image. Perhaps a gold ring might have contrasted better but the platinum emphasises the cold impression we wanted to capture. Blue tones in the metal and the natural refractions of blue light in the diamond help ground the ring into situation rather than floating on the bed of snow.  In addition the gentle pile of snow nestles close to the base of the ring with out obscuring the form.  Together all these small details add up to a captivating image that hopefully draws in your attention.


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