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Diamond set elegant ringsSpring is at last in sight, we can feel the approach of what is the most beautiful time of the year; well in my opinion anyway!  This  imminent approach signalled by the longer day light hours make Spring a highly anticipated season for many reasons, one of which is that this time of new life brings with it a flurry of weddings.

Bridal Jewellery

Already, Spring wedding jewellery shoots have been put to print; see the recent shoot attached. Brides and grooms are out there now searching through all mediums for their symbol of enduring love, the ring to wear for a life time.  According to National Statistics there has been an increase in marriages in England and Wales after some years of a lull.  Much of the jewellery photography we have covered includes not only sees the vast selection of wedding bands, but also all the other jewellery and trinkets involved when a wedding is being planned. Bridal jewellery in an array of trends but especially pearls have been very popular. Bridesmaids gifts these days are often jewellery; a whole market in it’s own right just there.

Photography & Web Design

Here at Sparkle Photography we look forward to seeing and shooting the new designs that will be the subject of careful scrutiny by future wedding jewellery consumers searching for that perfect piece.  With our team of photographers, stylists and web designers we can offer the whole package with great value payment plans.  Together with origami penguin our  sibling company we can provide everything from product shots to on-line shops with optimisation to make sure that not only does your site look great but also to make sure it’s up there at the top, maximising visibility to attract paying customers.


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